are they required?

Absolutely not. Most of Cherry is a wide open space for you to walk-in and just have fun. For those interested in making reservations for a group, please read below. For everyone else, just walk on in.


We have six fun booths for you and your group to hang out. We only allow two booths  to be reserved on any given night so that you always have a chance to walk in and grab a place to sit. Each booth has a $300 minimum which can be met with liquor bottles or champagne. If you would like to reserve one of the tables, please contact us below.


Be The Rockstar. The Stage, our mezzanine level, is reserved for a single group per night. It accommodates up to 15 guests easily giving you and your friends the best seat in the house. You overlook the entire bar and the only person you share your floor with is our DJ. Rock out with our electric guitars and head banging wigs. Request up to 5 songs and lead the party all night long. The Stage reservations have a $750 minimum which can be met with liquor bottles or champagne. Contact us below to book today.

private events

We allow private events at Cherry Sunday through Thursday and can accommodate some private events on weekend nights in the earlier hours. Please contact us below for more details.

For reservations and private events, please email us at or fill out the form below.

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